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SCO Terms of Use

Virtual Offices are a service operated by Suber & Company, LLC. ("SCO" or "Company") of 3261 Old Washington Road, Suite 2020, Waldorf, MD 20602. This Agreement, which governs the terms and conditions of your use of the SCO Virtual Office Services (the "Service"), is between you ("you" or "User" or "Client"), as an authorized user of such service, and the Company. Client agrees that SCO's services will be used only as provided in such terms and conditions for legitimate business purposes.



This Service is offered to you conditioned on your acceptance without modification, of the terms, conditions, and notices contained in this agreement. Client shall not conduct, or cause to be conducted, any illegal activities or engage in any illegal activities in connection with this Agreement. Utilizing the services and/or amenities provided by SCO Offices for any illegal activity, whatsoever, shall be grounds for account termination. SCO Offices will comply with all police, regulatory and/or governmental agencies that may request information regarding Client’s business relationship with SCO Offices.


The Client will not in any way whatsoever use or combine the SCO name, in whole or in part, for the purpose of trading activities. This Agreement is interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the state and country in which SCO is registered.



SCO Offices agrees to provide virtual office services (based on plan selected by Client) located at 3261 Old Washington Road, Suite 2020, Waldorf, MD 20602.  Payment of the Client’s account balance and other applicable charges is due monthly. The monthly payment is determined by the office plan selected on the SCO Client Intake Form.



The Agreement starts on the day of confirmation and acceptance of order by SCO Offices. Such confirmation will be provided via e-mail by SCO Offices to Client at such time of acceptance of order. This Agreement shall be automatically renewed thereafter, unless terminated by either SCO Offices or Client. This Agreement may be terminated by either party, with or without cause, upon the giving of not less than thirty (30) days written notice. SCO Offices may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without notice, should Client be in default of this Agreement.


If/when this Agreement is terminated, Client will be required to discontinue using the address and/or phone number provided by SCO Offices as of the termination date. This shall include, but is not limited to, removing SCO Offices’ address from all websites that have Client listed at SCO Offices’ address.


Fixed service charges SHALL NOT be prorated for the period between the beginning date (listed above) and the first day of the first full month’s service, should these dates not coincide.



The fixed cost of this service plan will be made payable monthly, in advance. Client shall pay, on a monthly basis by the due date, for any variable services that are not included in the above statement of services provided under this Agreement, including, but not limited to copies, faxes, postage, conference room usage not included in service plan selected, and administrative services. Variable services shall be billed at market rates then determined by SCO Offices.


Invoiced charges are due on the 1st of each month. If full payment has not been received by the 5th of the month, SCO Offices may terminate services without further notice. If SCO Offices and Client agree to the re-instatement of service after termination, Client will be required to provide payment equal to all amounts due, including a reactivation fee of $40.



The SCO Client Handbook details all of the operating procedures for the office space and services.  Clients receive a copy of the SCO Client Handbook during the initial account set up and each instance the handbook is updated.



Client may downgrade Virtual Office Platinum Plus services prior to the 1st of the month of planned change by giving written notice. Upgrades may happen at any time upon notice.



SCO Offices reserves the right to modify or discontinue all or part of the Service, temporarily or permanently, with notice to User, and is not obligated to support or update the Service.



SCO Offices reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change User pricing upon thirty (30) days notice.



SCO Offices shall guarantee the provisioning of the virtual office services referenced herein. Should SCO Offices fail to render said services, SCO Offices shall adjust Client’s billing in an amount equal to the charge for such service during which the failure occurred or continues. Client must notify SCO Offices within 30 days of any failure of service in order for a credit to be applied to Client’s account. Such an adjustment to Client’s billing shall be Client’s sole remedy for any such failure. There will be no billing adjustment if Client is in default.


SCO Offices is not responsible for any damage to person or property owned by Client, its clients, guests, visitors and other associated individuals, except to the extent the damage is caused by SCO Offices’ negligence, or by the negligence of its employees.



Client understands that mail service entails the USE of the business address as is the case with a post office box and the like.  Thus, Client will be charged for monthly service even if the Client has not received any mail.


Client must comply with any local postal regulations, as an example, the United States Postal Service (UPS) requires the compliance from the Client under the provisions of Rule 66, Federal Register 56993, November 14, 2001, which govern Commercial Mail Receiving Agencies (CMRA). Before mail may be received or any other location-related Services may be reserved or used, all persons for whom we handle mail, or who collects mail from the location, must provide us with a Government issued photo ID, plus one other form of acceptable identification, as specified in Form 1583. Any client that has reserved a virtual office location is required to provide proper identification and fully notarized forms with clearly visible stamp or seal as stated above, no matter the country of origin. Additional forms may be required to satisfy certain local or individual location needs. NOTE: DBA’s or additional company names require a separate CMRA forms and will incur in additional charges for virtual office address services. Client may select a notary service of Client’s choice or the SCO team can coordinate the notary service.



Client understands that upon termination of service, United States Postal Service will not forward mail on a change of address order, and it is the Client’s responsibility to notify all parties of termination of the use of the address. Subsequent mail sent to the virtual office location will be returned to sender after the termination date.


Client must not submit a change of address form to the United States Postal Service upon departure, as such action may interfere with normal mail delivery to SCO Offices. After termination of this Agreement, SCO Offices will provide to Client the continued use of its mailing address for mail receiving for the term of three (3) months after termination date, provided that this Agreement is not terminated due to Client default, with the understanding that Client will utilize this time period to notify its associates that Client has a new address.



Access to the office workspaces (conference rooms, training room, and private offices) are provided on a first come first serve basis.  Client should schedule reservations with the SCO Community Manager, or via the online booking system, at least 48-hours in advance to ensure room availability and reservation approval. Upon service activation, Client will receive an email invitation to the YaRooms booking system.  Through the online booking system, Client can view all the office space calendars and book office time online. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.


In the event Client exceeds the number of office hours included within the designated monthly plan, a fee of $10/hour will be applied to additional hours and billed during the next billing cycle. 


Client understands that office usage is for professional services or individual office services only.  While SCO Offices provides virtual office services to all business types and organizations, the following activities are not permitted while in the office:  church/worship service, retail or product sales, hair styling/barber services, musician rehearsals, or any other activity that could potentially disrupt other office users.  However, owners of the aforementioned businesses have used SCO Offices for religious study groups, workshops, private office use, business address and phone services.


To ensure the experience in the SCO Offices is a good one, Client agrees to adhere to the following rules: 


  • Request approval for external routers and devices from the SCO Team before connection to the SCO network.

  • Be mindful of noise level while using meeting rooms/private offices.

  • End your session as scheduled so that the next group can begin their session as scheduled.

  • Return all chairs to original office suites if they have been moved and readjust chair heights and arm rests to the original settings at the end of your meeting.

  • Set room back to the original layout (I.E Chairs under Conference table, extra chairs folded, folding tables returned to storage, etc.)

  • Clean all food and trash in the room at the end of your meeting so that the room is ready for the next meeting.

  • Do not conduct any business or meet with clients in the reception area.

  • Do not eat, drink or use cellphones in the reception area.

  • Ensure that your guests do not wander the office nor disrupt other meetings in session.





Access to and use of password protected and/or secure areas of the Site is restricted to authorized users only. Unauthorized individuals attempting to access these areas of the Site may be subject to prosecution.



Client will indemnify and hold harmless the Company and its affiliates, directors, officers, employees, proprietors, independent contractors, consultants, partners, shareholders, representatives, customers, agents, predecessors, successors, and permitted assigns from and against any claim, suit, demand, loss, damage, expense (including reasonable attorneys' fees and costs) or liability that may result from, arise out of or relate to: (a) acts or omissions by Client arising out of or in connection with this Agreement; (b) intentional or negligent violations by Client of any applicable laws or governmental regulation; or (c) contractual relations between the Client and a third party.


Client acknowledges that the SCO has no control over the content of information transmitted by Client or Client's customers and that the SCO does not examine the use to which Client or Client's customers put the Service or the nature of the information Client or Client's customers send or receive. Client hereby indemnifies and holds harmless the SCO, its stockholders, officers, directors, employees and agents from any and all loss, cost, damage, expense, or liability relating to or arising out of the transmission, reception, and/or content of information of whatever nature transmitted or received by Client or Client's customers.

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